Command, Explore, Conquer!

Imperial Explorers of the Void is a sci-fi setting about the remnants of the Galactic Empire after a series centuries long wars both within the Empire and from external factions. The campaign focuses on the exploits of a massive city sized ship and the crew and other peoples who serve aboard it.

The players take the role of command officers charged with protection of the their ship and people who serve on it while pursuing the Imperium’s agenda with relatively complete autonomy. However, while the Galactic Imperium entrusts the ship’s operation to the Commodore Captain’s discretion, he/she along with their senior command staff must manage to keep the favor of the ship’s other major factions: The Sixth Reformation Church, The Foundation University, and The Civics.

The Sixth Reformation Church is the current financial power behind the Galactic Imperium. While their power is rapidly evaporating they still hold the hearts of minds of most citizens. However, the Church sees the Foundation University as a threat to their power as the University makes gains and the Church fades.

The Foundation University formed by famed mathematician hid away knowledge and technical know out centuries ago while the old Galactic Empire tore itself apart. They retreated to a single backwater star system at the edge of the populated void. The University only a generation ago and fully returned to the galactic stage as Imperium explorers and conquerors rediscovered their existence and the technological superiority they hold.

The Civic are made up of average citizens and other people just trying to live and carve out a life in the remains of the old Galactic Empire. They make up the vast majority of the manpower pool that the other faction draw their own numbers. Aboard Imperium ships they are a separate sovereign entity led by their Senate and the Maior. The Civics control the food/water/air, general maintenance, and other vital systems of the ship that require far more manpower than the Imperium is able to fill.

Alternate Info:

This setting is a miss-mash of various sci-fi space exploration ideas into a single setting. The players take the roles of the current senior staff of a city sized star ships with populations in the tens of thousands. They serve a vast galactic empire known as the Galactic Imperium. Their mission is to serve the empire by protecting its interests, exploring new regions, and securing resources for the Imperium. The Imperials aboard must work with the other three major faction each with a controlling interest of the future of the several kilometer long star ship. These factions are: the Sixth Reformation Church, The Civics, and the Foundation.

The sixth Reformation Church is the true power of the Galactic Imperium. They are wield most of the minds and hearts of the populace and monitor possible heresies against the Church. Even the highest officers of the Imperium can be subject to the laws though the Commodore has a great amount of leeway given to him or her. The Church maintains their own military force known as the Templars as well as police force called the Inquisition. The Church is slowly losing power largely due to the influence of the Foundation.

The Foundation is a secretive conclave of librarians, scholars, engineers, and scientists. Before the fall of the old Galactic Confederation several thousand years ago their founder established a repository of knowledge to avoid being lost to all time. The Founder a preeminent mathematician successfully petitioned the old leaders to establish a secret conclave of the brightest most capable minds hand selected himself. As the galaxy begins to emerge fro the dark ages, the Foundation yields more of the old technology and knowledge collected from so long ago.

The last but most numerous faction on any Imperial star ship are the Civics. They are the general populace of aboard. Many of the nuclear wars during the dark ages made much of the old Confederation planets uninhabitable even with the Foundation’s terraforming technology, Many of the Civics simply live their life aboard the ship working their job, going to church, raising a family, and even dying with no thought of the void outside the hull. However, some Civic are would-be colonists seeking to pioneer the frontier. They want real earth beneath their feet and sky that is not an image on a screen above them. Technically, the Civics don’t have much power, but without them the ship cannot function for long. It is the Civics that grow the food and clean the water and air. They also provide the manpower for much of the ship’s long term operation and many of the Imperials aboard have ties or are former members.

Masters and Commanders of the Void