Masters and Commanders of the Void

Savage Tales

Adventures for this campaign setting

Instead of this section being for session recaps and previous adventures. It will be used for adventure ideas. The format for these advetures will have quite a bit of variety but the intended framework is so:

Backstory: What happened before the Player Characters become involved in the adventure. It should help give context to the adventure and help the player feel more immersed in the setting.

The Hook: How to get the Player Characters involved in the adventure.

Supporting Cast: All the major Non-Player Characters that are likely to be involved in the adventure. This can include aliens and even creatures likely to show up at different points in the adventure.

Locations: Many of the potential locales the adventure is likely to take place with brief descriptions and pertinent history and/or details.

Acts/Chapters/Notes: This is the meat of the adventure. Depending on the style of the adventure depends on what sort of information it found here. More linear adventures will follow the chapter/act format while the more open ended adventures will have mostly notes about possible methods the player characters might attempt to move through the adventure.

Aftermath: This part will give ideas to the possible aftermath of the player characters interaction (or lack thereof) to this adventure.



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