Civics: Non-military members of the Imperium, lay people of the Church, Students of the University, or unaffiliated citizens within Imperium space. Their manpower and support is required for the all factions to have numbers to draw upon.

The Foundation University: A faction that reluctantly yields knowledge of ancient technology to the Imperium for continued existence and ability to perhaps steer them way from the destruction of all life.

The Galactic Imperium: The military government that controls much of the old Galatic Empire. It is made up of a confederation of various star systems and minor governments.

The Old Galactic Empire: This was a government that span thousands of star systems and is popularly considered the pinnacle of science and knowledge. The Empire fell more than 1200 years ago.

The Sixth Reformation Church: The oldest remaining part of the Galactic Empire they hold onto their former glory and seek to return those who have walked away from their organization to form a new golden age.

The Void: This is the popular term for outer space usually considered the space between star systems.


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