Imperium Archetypes


They are the captain of the entire star ship and responsible for its safety and its current mission objectives. According to the Imperium, they have final say on all matters concering their ship. However, the truth of the matter is they rely on the cooperation of a great of people for the ship to function. They must treat the heads of the other factions (the Civics, the Church, and the Foundation) as equalls as well as their own command staff. Fortunately, Commodores are given a great amount of latitude to accomplish this. As far as the Imperium is concerned the Commodore and their ship is simply loaned out with an infinite number of favors they can call upon for any task they may need. While most commodores keep the miltaristic nature of the Imperium, it is not unheard of for the Commodore to complete alter the uniform, rank structure, or any other element they see fit.
Recommended: Smarts, Spirit, Fighting, Notice, Intimidation, Persuasion, Shooting, Command, Strong Willed


Part engineer, scientist, and adventurer they are the point men for new phenomenon and technology. While many serve as chief engineer on their ship, it is not uncommon for that job to also fall on the Lord of the Void or even an Civic engineer. Explorators nearly always a member of away team missions on unknown planets or strange phenomenon. As such they tend to be a jack-of-all-trades member of the the command staff with a focus in science.
Recommended: Smarts, Vigor, Athletics, Fighting, Knowledge: Science, Notice, Shooting, Repair, Survival, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Scholar, Woodsman

Lord of the Void

They pilot/vehicle operator and ensure tactical operations of the ship are functioning. The may or may not also serve as chief engineer depending on their requirements to be members on away teams. They are usually are skilled combatants and can be very personable as well. It is not unheard of the Lord of the Void taking the Commodore’s chair either by need or force.
Recommended: Agility, Smarts, Driving, Notice, Piloting, Repair, Shooting, Ace, Command

Master/Mistress of Arms

They head security and weapons systems and are experts in many forms of combat. Many times they are selected by the Commodore because they are excellent bodyguards and can learn their actual duties on the job. Former constables and inspectors are make excellent Masters of Arms as they often are required to investigate and mediate both Imperium and Civic law enforcement and crime deterrence. Their combat training also can make them invauble both on dangerous away missions and void space ship-to-ship battles.
Recommended: Strength, Vigor, Athletics, Fighting, Notice, Shooting, Streetwise,

Medicea Councilor

Some younger Commodores are adding Foundation medical doctors to their command staff either dividing the Missionary-Chaplain’s duties or replacing the Church back member all together. They tend to be less people focused and lean more toward science and technology.
Recommended: Agility, Smarts, Healing, Investigation, Knowledge: Science, Notice, Repair, Healer


The are tasked with preserving body, mind, and soul of the Imperials and serve as first contact specialists. While more ships are seeing foundation Medicea Councilor, the Missionary-Chaplin is still the most common healer found aboard most Imperium ships and are an excellent contact for the Church. Doubly so for away missions as they often have first contact and some military training.
Recommended: Smarts, Spirit, Fighting, Healing, Notice, Persuasion, Healer


They serve as first-mate, administrator, and, adviser, spy-master aboard the ship. Serve as the right hand of the Commodore ensuring the crew is well disciplined, leading away team missions (unless the Commodore is a hands on type), and keeping tabs on the other factions aboard the ship.
Recommended: Agility, Spirit, Athletics, Fighting, Notice, Shooting, Stealth, Streetwise,

Imperium Archetypes

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