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Glossary Terms and definitions used in this setting.
Setting Rules This is a list of rules for this particular setting as well as a continuing list of house rules.

Character Creation

Species The Imperium is made up a number of scentiant species from various parts of the galaxy. Many of the species listed here are members of the old Confederation that fell tho sands of years ago. As the Imperium continues to explore, they continue to discover or re-discover new species many who choose to are forced into the Imperium.
Hindrances This is an incomplete list of hindrances as well as which book they can be found in. Additionally, it has a number of setting specific ones to pick from.
Skills A list of all the important skills including the key knowledges found within this setting.
Edges A list of allowed edges broken up by Rank. Includes a number of new setting specific Edges to chose from.


Imperium Archetypes These are the Commodore and the command staff of the ship. Collectively they are the most powerful individuals on the ship.
Civic Archetypes This is a list of occupations and roles within the Civics factions for an atypical campaign or multi-character game.
Church Archetypes These are various archetypes of Church members found aboard most Imperium ships.
Foundation Archetypes This is a list of some of role and jobs found within the Foundation University located aboard many Imperium ships.


Check the Items tab for personal weapons, armor, and other items. Also found in the items section are most vehicles.

Starship Construction

Before the player even create a character is important to consider and even perhaps generate the ship they will be in command of. Much of the game will take place on the ship as it is a character unto itself. Galactic Imperium star ships are literal cities will populations of in the tens of thousands. The most populist of this ships can have well over 100,000 aboard. These size is equally impressive as they are on average 12 kilometers in length with some ships over 20 kilometers. These starships tend to have names that work both as a ship and a town.

Ship Construction The basic nuts and bolts of the physical ship.
Ship Factions How much control does each faction on board.
Ship Locations Individual location aboard the starship

The Factions

Aboard every starship are the four major factions of that make of the Galactic Imperium. While each indiviual ship has differing levels of influence from each faction, there is no a single vessel in the Imperium navy that is missing even a single faction. The fact is, while these factions are often at odds with each other, they need the others for mutual operation of the ship. Note: The four factions are often set in opposition of each other for better story conflicts: Imperium vs. Civic (military vs. civilian) and Church vs. Foundation (Faith vs. Science or even Money vs. Discovery).

The Imperials They are both the military and major governmental agency of the Imperiuim. Aboard any starship, their commodores are the captains of these mightly vessel who answer to no one except to High Command.

The Sixth Reformation Holy Church of the Divine Better known as the Sixth Reformation Church, Reformation Church, or simply the Church. As an organization, they are the wealthy in Imperium and often bankroll much of the Imperium’s operations.

The Foundation University A secretive organization formed at the fall of the old Confederacy that keeps tight control on the dispersal of knowledge and technology. They fear another dark age if the knowledge they posse if given freely without consideration.

The Civics The men and women of the local government aboard the ship. The are not directly controlled by any faction but influenced by all. Most Civics are regular people attempting to get through their daily lives. The Imperium largely deals with their government officials and captains of industry.

Imperium Space

The Void (aka outer space or space) the Galactic Imperium controls contains hundreds of solar systems and countless worlds. However, they are far from complete control of the galaxy or even full exploration of it. In fact, the current Imperium has not even rediscovered half of the Void considered part of the old Confederacy of Worlds that few many millennia ago. While other portions of the know galaxy are controls by other galactic empires.

The Game Master’s Section

This section is for the Game Master only. Player should not click on any of the below links without GM approval.

Lore This more information about the setting.
The ?????? A Sample ship and factions to more quickly start a game or use as an example to work from.
Star System Generator This is a fast and easy way to create a new star system for the players to explore.
Adventure Generator A random adventure generator for this setting.
Antagonists A number of NPCs for use in this setting.

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