The Nephilim are one of the oldest and staunchest defenders of the Imperium and the Sixth Reformation Church. They have have very few cultures even among the dozens of worlds they inhabit. Even of these cultures, they have a number of similarities among nearly all of them. Personal honor is of utmost importance. While family is important to the Hephilim, each person is judged by their own actions with very little bias family. Because of their great size and the resources to required for such an organism, the Nephilim are not nearly as numerous as the other species, though they have a far larger number of their population serving in the Imperium compared to the other species. Their size, strength, and honor make them excellent military members.

Nephilim cultures often have a great number of rules with more than a few making little sense to outsiders. While dueling is a very common practice the higher caste member chooses whether to duel or not. However, an individual who ignores challenges often can find themselves losing status and dropping caste themselves. Weapons while permitted, are placed in an elaborate hierarchy where any weapon below the highest chosen weapon can be used. The hierarchy often follows the list: unarmed, dagger/knives/clubs, single-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, small firearms, large firearms, vehicles. Both in and out of duels those of opposite genders are not permitted to fight each other. Rather, if a male has an issue with female to the point of a duel, he must convince a female to be his champion in a duel. Another custom of the Nephilim is refusal to take the property of a defeated foe. The victor may choose to give the property to anyone they want outside themselves. Most given such spoils to the Church.

As a species, the Nephilim are perhaps the most argent supports of the church and have many members among them at all levels. Many see the Church as the foundation to restore the old Galactic Empire. Conversely, few Nephilim support the Foundation. They see this faction as usurpers seeking to divide the Imperium and thus weaken it. As one of the founding species of the Imperium, the Nephilim many up a significant portion of the Civics.


The Nephilim are almost identical to humans in features and form save their immense stature. Both genders average similar heights between 3 to 4 meters (10 to 13 feet) and some Nephilim grow pass 5 meters though that is exceedingly rare. Nephilim range from trim to muscularly powerful and slay those of their kind that become too old, fat, or weak in a ritualistic duel.

Species Features

All Thumbs (- 2): Unless designed for a Nephilim, most equipment is difficult for them to operate because of their large size. They suffer a – 2 to the Repair skill using equipment no designed for them, voice activated, etc. In addition, delicate equipment breaks on a Trait roll of 1 (regardless of the Wild Die). Note; this Hindrance does not apply for equipment constructed for use by Nephilim, however, this equipment is often times far more expensive.
Code of Honor (- 2) Nephilim have a strict code of honor, rules of etiquette, and laws of decorum they must follow or be hunted by other Nephilim. Additionally, they are remarkably bad liars and actors suffering a -4 when attempting to deceive.
Size + 2 (+ 2): Nephilim are much larger than humans most standing over 3 meters (10 feet) tall). They add their Size modifier to their Toughness.
Strong (+ 2): because of a Nephilim’s great size they are stronger than most species starting with a d6 instead of a d4.

Species Edges

Size + 3/+ 4: This character is even larger than the typical Nephilim. The player may choose to have their character at Size + 3 or Size + 4. At Size + 3 they add +3 to their Toughness and break equipment on a roll of 1 or 2 now. For Size +4 (Large), the character adds + 4 to their Toughness and + 2 to Intimidation rolls. But they suffer a -2 to Parry being so big. Additionally, they are so big that not even Nephilim designed equipment works for them. They have to have custom manufactured gear.


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